PT Centielindo Daya Utama

Years of experience with public and multinational companies as our customers.

PT Centielindo Daya Utama is highly experienced UPS focused company that has the ability to provide Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions and Infrastructure as a whole, while bringing Centiel UPS originated from Swiss which is now one of the best UPS brands in the world. With very skilled sales/engineers, highly-responsive fast decision making, and trusted integrity serve as our core competitive advantages, Centielindo Daya utama aims to provide Indonesian companies with highest standard in Power Protection, flexibility, and the availability which is how UPS should be used.


Centielindo Daya Utama's customers consist of Industrial Process & Control, Electronic & Home Appliances, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Consultant, Airports, Banking, Information Technology, Hospital, Transportation & Airlines, Finance & Securities, and many more. We continue to expand our customer base daily with aim to provide them with new generation of UPS that we have so they can rest assured that they will have lowest total cost ownership and their critical equipment will be protected 24/7 with no single point of failure.

Our Products and Services

Our Product & Services consist of :

  • Centiel Uninterruptible Power Supply (see product pages for more details)
  • UPS Battery
  • External Battery Cabinet/Rack
  • Preventive Maintenances & Services