Premium Tower™

Highly scalable, unbeatable efficiency and compact design.

From 10 to 250kW, PremiumTower™ provides the best solution for small and medium data centers, comms rooms, IT networks and any mission-critical application demanding high availability and unbeatable energy efficiency with 120% continuous operation in overload capacity.

PremiumTower™ offers built-in internal batteries from 10 to 60kW minimizing the footprint utilization, eliminating extra costs for external battery frames and avoiding complex installation.

PremiumTower offers scalability of up to 7.5 MW and delivers unbeatable energy efficiency in a robust and compact design. The flexibility in the number of battery blocks (20 to 50) allows the system designer to optimize costs vs autonomy time. At the same time, the high efficiency of 96.6% in double conversion (VFI) and 99.4% in Ultra-safe ECO mode guarantees maximum energy savings and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.


Advance Performance

Unity Power Factor
(kVA = kW)

PremiumTower ™ provides unity power factor which avoids the need for system over size to support today’s power factor corrected loads.

High Efficiency
96.6% (VFI)

With a best in class efficiency of 96.6% in double conversion mode (VFI), PremiumTower ™ provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

High Battery
Charging Current

With the ability to provide 500% higher charging current than typical standalone ups, PremiumTower ™ reduces the total system cost by eliminating the need for external battery chargers.

Overload Capability

With a 120% continuous operation in overload condition, mission critical applications can be safe on the event of unexpected load demands.

Eco mode

With a 99.4% efficiency in Eco mode operation and an ultra fast reaction time of <1.9 ms, Ultra-Safe Eco mode enables an excellent trade-off between power quality and energy efficiency.

Exceptional Short
Circuit Capability

With a Short Circuit Capability of 3 times nominal current (3 x In), PremiumTower ™ is able to clear output circuit protection in milliseconds.

Flexibility and Cost of Ownership

Internal Isolation Transformer

If galvanic isolation, voltage step-up or voltage stepdown is required, PremiumTower ™ can integrate the transformer within the same UPS increasing the flexibility on system development.

Minimized Footprint

With only 0.29 m2 for 10 /20 kW and 0.44 m2 for 30/40/60 kW, PremiumTower ™ optimizes valuable floor space, eliminates the cost of the battery cabinet, and simplify the installation.

Ease of Service

Direct access to components and plug-and-play internal modules minimize mean time to repair (MTTR) and simplifies routine maintenance.

Internal Batteries from 10kW to 60kW

Internal batteries are possible for the whole product range. Up to 150 battery blocks can be fitted in the PremiumTower ™, reducing the total footprint and optimizing costs.

Flexible Battery Range

With a wide and flexible battery range of 20 to 50 blocks, costs and autonomy time are optimized.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

High efficiencies in partial and rated loads.

High efficiencies in VFI and ECO mode.

PremiumTower provides optimized partial and full load efficiencies of up to 96.6% in online double-conversion mode. In Ultra-Safe ECO mode the UPS provides an excellent power quality with 99.4% efficiency.

Minimized footprint (save of valuable floor space).

PremiumTower optimizes valuable floor space, from 0.29 m2 (for 10 - 60 kW) to 0.6 m2 (for 250 kW), internal battery options (10 - 60 kW) eliminate the cost of additional battery cabinets and simplifies the installation.

Lowest TCO

Maximum Reliability and Availability

Swiss Quality.
Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, PremiumTower ™ provides the highest standards of quality in components and manufacturing processes approved by the Swiss made label.
High reliability by design.
Three independent power converters increase system reliability and provide power continuity even in cases of power component failure.
Integrated autonomies and matching battery cabinets.
Up to 160 battery blocks can be fitted in the PremiumTower (10 to 60 kW), reducing the total footprint and optimizing costs. For higher ratings and extended runtime, matching battery cabinets are available.
Single or dual input feed.
PremiumTower can be supplied with two independent AC sources to further increase the power availability of the installation.
Flexible battery blocks.
The flexibility in the number of battery blocks (20 to 50), eliminates the need to oversize the batteries and allows system designers to optimize cost versus autonomy time.

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