DIstributor UPS

Distributor UPS of Centiel in the Territory of Indonesia.

100% Support. 24/7 Availability. 0 downtime.

Distributor UPS of Centiel Certified.

Distributor UPS with the highest reliability and availability, both in UPS and services.

Centiel herewith certified that the company:


is the authorised distributor UPS for Centiel's marketing, sales, after sale service and Technical Support of Centiel UPS products in the territory of Indonesia.

Centielindo Daya Utama's staff have been trained to sell and service all of Centiel's product independently. Centiel will provide full support to Centielindo Daya Utama, in order to achive success in the distribution of Centiel UPS System in Indonesia territories.

Fully Trained by Centiel.

Centielindo's personnel are fully trained directly from Centiel to be able to perform of all installations, maintenances, and replacement for all Centiel's product.

PT Centielindo Daya Utama has sent our personnel overseas to attend Sales and Technical Training provided by Centiel on 7th - 11th October 2019. All of personnel who attended were given a certificate to perform installation, maintenance, and modules replacement on Centiel Cumulus Power (Modular) and Premium Tower (Standalone) products.

Reasons why Centielindo is your trusted partner for Power Protection

  • One of the most experienced UPS Company in Indonesia.
  • Fully supported internationally.
  • Accustomed to convoluted projects for both private and government.
  • Best after sale services.
  • Ready-stock UPS and Batteries.
  • Fast-response customer services.
  • tens of thousands of customers registered.

Reasons why Centiel UPS is your solutions for your critical equipment

Centiel takes availability and efficiency very seriously.

  • Unity Power Factor (KW = KVA)
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. (Reduced Energy Bill and Minimized Life-time Maintenance Cost)
  • Maximum Reliability and Availability.
  • Outstanding Overload Capacity. (124% continuous operation in overload capacity)
  • Battery Flexibility 20 to 50 Blocks.
  • Our CumulusPower is the 4th generation true modular UPS system which offers offer industry-leading availability of 99.9999999% (nine, nines), with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) through its Maximum Efficiency Management (MEM) and low losses of energy.
  • Our PremiumTower has the same innovative technology incorporated in CENTIEL’s 4th generation modular three-phase UPS system and has an unbeatable on-line operating efficiency of 96.6% which minimizes running costs.
  • 99.9999999% Availability. (The Highest Availability Compares to Any UPS Brand.)
  • The Most Powerful UPS in the World.
  • Competitive Price.

Above is just a glimpse of how Centiel UPS is the best solution for your critical equipment. For more information about the benefits of using Centiel, please visit our product page for more details. Our Company is your answer to find true protection for your critical equipment.