Preventive Maintenance

All UPSs and associated system components need periodic maintenance (4 times a year)  and occasional parts replacement to ensure optimal reliability. They also need the security of an emergency call-out facility, as failures can occur in electrical equipment, no matter how well-maintained it is.

With the options of either business hours or after hours inspections, preventive maintenance can be done at a time that suits your needs.

The maintenance inspection involves a detailed examination and audit of the equipment, its internal and external condition, the battery, alarm states and interfaces to other equipment. A report on the current condition of the equipment is issued, along with any recommendations. Any corrective or remedial action will be taken after consultation with user.

  1. With maintenance 4 times a year, customer who has a maintenance contract has the right to call us 24/7 if any problems occurs.
  2. Our 2 maintenance programs will offer you different kind of services for your suitable needs.



Preventive MaintenanceBasic Preventive MaintenanceAdvanced Preventive Maintenance
Service On Site (4 times a year)YESYES
Spareparts (if needed)NOYES
Battery (if needed)NOYES
24/7 HotlineYESYES
Free of Charge of Unlimited VisitYESYES

Please contact our sales representative for more scope of work details regarding Preventive Maintenance.